Water your inner Lover, Wise One, Warrior and Sovereign with this Unique range of Crystal Water Bottles, designed with these archetypes in mind.

- Hand made in England with all-natural, ethically sourced crystals


Original bewater Design

Original bewater Design

These bottles are beautifully moulded in a BPA, BPS-free durable plastic, with a... 

Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles

These bottles are made of lead-free borosilicate glass with a stainless-steel cap... 


    Your body needs water to survive and thrive! At bewater we are all about the health benefits of staying hydrated.

    Drinking the right amount of water is essential for good health. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to work properly. Good hydration boosts your energy and immunity, strengthens your skin and hair, flushes toxins from your body and keeps your joints moving smoothly.


    Every throwaway plastic bottle takes hundreds of years to decompose; this creates a huge global environmental crisis. Landfills, oceans and landscapes around the world are choked with single use plastic bottles. The annual production of these bottles also uses a vast amount of energy, adding to the problem of global warming.

    Do your part for our gorgeous planet today by using a responsibly produced re-usable bottle!


    At bewater we believe in intentions. We want you to choose to belove, bepowerful, bejoyful and bemagical. Each of our four ranges has been designed using gemstones inspired by these qualities.

    Placing gemstones in or around water is a practice that has its roots stretching back thousands of years. There are theories that suggest that this changes the structure and taste of the water. This tradition continues today in holistic health circles.


The Theory of Gem Elixirs

Among water’s many incredible properties, science is now showing that water has memory and picks up information from its surroundings.

The shape of the container holding it, the length and material of pipes it may have travelled through, the substances or objects it comes into contact with, all affect the quality of water.

Certain gemstones have the amazing property that they absorb energy from movement, pressure and heat and convert it into electric energy, each emitting a unique frequency. This effect is what makes quartz watches work.

It is believed that the gemstones in gem water bottles transfer their energy information to the water in the bottle, changing and improving the water’s structure and its oxygen and pH levels.

We have looked to age-old explorations of the impact that different gemstones have in designing our bewater ranges, so you can explore and experience the ancient wisdom of gemstones. Check each product description for info on the combinations.

We have looked to many different sources for the research on gemstones that is in our marketing material. We don’t make any specific claims about our products. We have been inspired by all kinds of traditions and literature and believe that you can make a decision for yourself.

We believe….Do you?

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