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4 Simple Steps to Charge Your Energy & Change Your Life

We’ve all seen them, the tomes dedicated to the secrets of successful people. However, being the best version of who you are to achieve your goals does not require a manual. Here are 4 simple, and affordable tips you can start today, to turbocharge your energy and change your life. #1 Meditating Meditation can be accomplished in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. You can meditate first thing in the morning, before bed or whenever you have a quiet moment during the day. Meditation is beneficial because it fosters alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves have been proven to optimize mental functioning, build resiliency to stress and boost mood. #2 Deep Breathing If you are new to a meditative...

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How to Cleanse and Charge your Crystals

For every ailment of the mind, body, or spirit there is a supporting crystal. These precious stones foster a deep sense of well-being and holistic wellness in the lives of many. Have you ever questioned if they can do the same for you? The truth is you too can harness the power of these healing vibrations, once you have the recipe for crystal care.     Start by cleansing your crystals. Cleansing your crystals ensures they vibrate at their highest frequency. Light is an effective, yet simple way to cleanse your crystals. High energy crystals, meant to motivate, encourage and revitalize benefit most from the healing energy of the sun. Place your crystals in the sunlight for a few hours,...

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3 Common Mistakes When Working with Crystals

Working with crystals is a powerful modality with very rare side-effects, so it is difficult to err gravely. However, there are common mistakes people can make, that compromise the integrity of the healing or the crystals themselves. #1 Everything and the Kitchen Sink With the wide variety of crystals to choose from it is tempting to want to throw everything in your therapeutic arsenal at a blocked chakra or physical complaint. For instance, a migraine can be soothed with Aventurine, Amethyst, Sugilite, Rhodochrosite, Jet, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, and the list goes on. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Using too many crystals at once can mutually exclude their wellbeing properties or overstimulate your chakra system. Instead, only...

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How to Align Your Chakras with Crystals

A balanced, aligned chakra system can serve as a strong foundation for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Healing crystals can be a simple, affordable way to ensure your chakras are in optimal health. 7th Above Crown of the Head Crown Purple 6th Between Eyebrows Third Eye Indigo 5th Center of Throat Throat Sky Blue 4th Center of Chest Heart Green 3rd Below Ribcage Solar Plexus Yellow 2nd Below Navel Sacral Orange 1st Base of Spine Root Red    The colour frequency of each chakra is the fundamental knowledge needed to align your chakras with healing crystals. There are seven primary chakras, starting at the base of the spine, moving up the spinal column, to just above the crown of the...

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Forget Love Potion # 9: Crystals for Matters of the Heart

Whether you are looking for love, are already deeply in love, healing from love gone wrong or wanting to reconcile with a lost love, crystals can support you throughout your journey. You can experiment with these crystals by meditating with them, sleeping with them nearby, carrying them with you throughout the day or by charging your water with non-toxic crystals. Citrine is a water safe crystal, excellent for charging your water. Citrine is particularly supportive during the tumultuous ups and downs of Twin Flame and karmic connections. Known as the Stone of Manifestation, citrine boosts motivation, individuality, courage, and personal power to help keep relationships moving forward. This crystal can empower you, your partner, friend or even family member to...

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