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Amethyst and Bloodstone

Amethyst is often believed to be a bridge between everyday reality and the world of spirit and imagination. For the highly intuitive and somewhat sensitive Pisces, it is the perfect birth stone. Amethyst eases stress and helps to create boundaries and mental clarity.

Bloodstone is a companion crystal to Pisces and has the seemingly polar attributes of keeping you grounded while also honing your intuition. It is believed to align the lower chakras with the heart chakra and bring balance to the holder.

The glass bottle is HAND BLOWN with a custom designed ripple effect. They are tricky to make so ONLY 100 of these will be available in each zodiac sign!


  • Hand-blown, lead-free borosilicate glass bottle
  • BPA-free Tritan gem chamber
  • Bespoke embossed lid
  • Numbered certificate
  • Holds 500ml