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Emerald and Malachite

Only 100 Available!

Your planetary ruler is Venus and your birthstone is Emerald, a vibrant and life-affirming crystal. Emerald is known as the stone of successful love and is said to enhance strength of character. Taurus also has an inimitable strength associated with the sign and you are supported on your life path by Malachite. This stone is powerfully transformative and keeps you focused on your true path. Emerald reportedly stimulates the heart chakra, affecting heart and lungs; and Malachite is associated with heart health, good circulation and strong joints – A strong and protective combo!

This is our pride and joy! The glass bottle is HAND BLOWN with a custom designed ripple effect. They are tricky to make so ONLY 100 of these will be available in each zodiac sign!

  • Hand-blown, lead-free borosilicate glass bottle
  • BPA-free Tritan gem chamber
  • Bespoke embossed lid
  • Numbered certificate
  • Holds 500ml