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Divinity Insert

Divinity Insert

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Golden Rutile Quartz and Aquamarine

Divinity - ‘The state or quality of being divine’

This gorgeous mix of golden rutilated quartz and blue aquamarine is all about connecting to the divine. Golden rutile quartz radiates divine energy, allowing you to strengthen your motivation and willpower, paired with Aquamarine which encourages inner beauty and peace, this bottle is perfect for those who are looking to re-connect with their inner divine being.

  • insert only
  • fits bewater glass bottle

Each month we will be bringing out a limited edition of only 60 bottles with our crystal of the month mix.

These are available in either Glass or Original Tritan bottles or as stand-alone inserts. Only while stocks last.

PLEASE NOTE: As these are limited edition, dispatch times are 7-10 business days from the date on purchase