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Luna and Sol Bundle
Luna and Sol Bundle
Luna and Sol Bundle

Luna and Sol Bundle

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Both Luna & Sol glass bottles

Luna - Our stunning Luna bottle is filled with soothing angelite and magical moonstone are associated with the moon, divinity and inner strength.

Moonstone which is strongly connected to the divine, the inner goddess and the moon,  making it a beautiful and soothing crystal to own. It is known to help enhance your natural intuition, whilst helping to balance your emotions and feelings. On a physical level moonstone can help to regulate hormones and emotions making moonstone an essential crystal to any collection.

Angelite with its soft blue tones is a soothing and calming stone which promotes angelic energy or peace, harmony and comfort. This stone is known to bring a profound sense of peace and tranquility. Combined with moonstone this mix will enhance the peace and serenity in your life.

Sol - Our beautiful Sol bottle is filled with vibrant sunstone and sparkly citrine, to help boost one's energy and vitality. Both sunstone and citrine are associated with abundance, making this bottle a magical abundance magnet.

Sunstone is all about the sun, literally, its associations correlate to that on the suns warm and radiant energies. Sunstone is an uplifting stone which can be used to bring in creativity, motivation and excitement. Just as the sun energies the earth and all of us, sunstone will give you that extra boost of energy and vitality you need.

Citrine energises every level of life. In crystal healing traditions, it is used to open the chakras and sharpen the intuition.  The energy of this stone is alive and overflowing, full of joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm. It is believed to motivate, activate creativity and raise self-esteem, thus opening a world of abundance!

  • 24cm in height, holds approximately 500ml
  • Screw-top lid
  • Durable, lead free borosilicate glass bottle
  • BPA and BPS free Tritan insert
  • Bottle is dishwasher safe
  • Handwash gem chamber
  • Lid will have a sun or moon embossed lid